HOUSE-A-HOLICS   hosted by DJ Groovy Q


From Beach, Chicago, Deep, Diva, Disco, Electro, French, Garage, Italo, Jazzy, Kwaito, Latin, Organ, Old School, to Piano, Progressive, Swing, Tech, Tribal, Vocal and any other sub genre of four-to-the-floor house music that you can possibly imagine… For more information on what House Music is see



To quote the lyrics to a popular House track: ‘Not everyone understands House Music, it’s a Spiritual Thing, a Body Thing, a Soul Thing…’ We will attempt to education, invigorate and celebrate the genre of music know as House Music..

The main focus of the show is the music genre known as House Music.  If it has a four to the floor beat, makes you want to dance and gets your head bobbing, you will probably find it here. We do not focus in on the deeper sound or the progressive sound, we don’t even focus on the local sound or the international sound, we focus in on HOUSE MUSIC.  In other words, HOUSE-A-HOLICS from across the spectrum will find a home within a melting pot of musical bliss.

The show is split into FOUR sub sections, PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE plus HOUSE WORK:

THE PAST looks at the history of house music and constructs an audio soundtrack that transports you to a bygone but not forgotten era on the musical history timeline. Expect some classic House Gems from across the subgenres.

THE PRESENT  is a journey through stuff that you may hear in the local or international Nightclubs, Bars and Festivals. Not only focussing on the floor fillers, but including the underground hits.

THE FUTURE takes you on a headlong drive straight into the unknown, breaking new house artists, house sub genres and birthing future house classics.

Expect DJ mixes from up-n-coming House DJ’s, recognised local and international superstar DJs and live House Artistes that contribute to the House sound. From mini interviews with local and international players, resident and guest DJ mixes, unreleased and fresh music talent, House club reviews, in studio House artiste chats, House record label profiles, unplugged House music sessions, live House showcases, House music & goodies giveaways and much more.

HOUSEWORK is a special feature each week. This section ties into the word HOUSE or HOME – from a food insert to a décor insert, as long as it’s got something to do with your HOUSE or HOME, you will hear it here. This is the sell-able section of the show – Quentin aka DJ Groovy Q is also a Chaiwalla (Artisan Tea Maker) producing and selling his own petite range of Chai styled tea and infused sherry at various Food Markets in and around the city of Cape Town. Each week, he invites various home artisans into studio to talk about their product. This section includes sellable adverts or branded slots within the HOUSE-A-HOLICS show framework. He also invites House DJs/artistes etc to chat about their favourite Home away from House.

The sections above are split into 30% chat, 60% music and 10% other across the show format.