The new ADIDAS – MONSTER Headphone Review

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There are a lot of headphones that have hit the markets in the past few years and many of them are aiming at the sheer fashion of it and are often let down by the performance level, however not in this case.


These new Adidas headphones come with a “ready to wear” street cred, it also has a nice rubberized construction that feels great and fits very snug on your ears almost like wearing cozy earmuffs.

It seems like the guys at Monster have put some serious thought into this partnership with Adidas and have managed to get the balance right.


The sound has a solid bottom end, low frequency and mid range with a gentle high end which delivers a nice overall warm sound. The build quality is quite solid and has metal hinges on the rotation cups connecting to the headband and that is covered by a plastic coating and overlaid by rubber which could give a good user lifespan.



This comes in a neat little package with two cables and they have introduced a unique new feature where the headset has another small headphone jack insert on the other side which allows a friend to plug into the audio feed and listen to whatever you are listening to. There is also the main cable to your audio device with a volume control/mute button, unfortunately this is only one meter long which limits the use of these cool cans for DJ use. Both cables are made with a robust flat cable that are used in most high-end audio hardware and comes with a padded drawstring bag with pockets for the cables.


All in all, I do like these headphones and if you are looking for a nice set of headphones and want to make a statement, then these babies are for you!

DJ Nick E Louder

Mutha FM