Africa Burn has become one of the prolific events on the global dance calendar and people from all over the planet around the end of April start their week with a party on the plains of the Karroo Desert that has been in the planning since this time last year.

 AfrikaBurn is the spectacular result of the creative expression of participants who gather once a year in the Tankwa Karoo to create a temporary city of art, theme camps, costume, music and performance!


2015 Theme – “THE GIFT”

Another year has rolled round, and here we are again, with a fantastic theme for you to sink your head, heart and hands into. Ladies and gents, we give you THE GIFT!

The gifts in Tankwa Town are alchemical glue, multi-layered; at once moral, playful, aesthetic, mythological, whimsical.

This year’s theme asks to us to contemplate the gift. As Marx would have it, to look beyond the object to the myriad of elements that make the object happen… What is art? What is happening in the making of the gift? What is the gift? What is the gift economy? What is the work of the gift after it has left the makers hands?


“…when gifts circulate within a group their commerce leaves a series of interconnected relationships in its wake and a kind of decentralized cohesiveness emerges.” – Lewis Hyde

The inner gift is the object of our labour and the outer gift becomes a generator of relationships, of culture. A commerce of spirit and creativity; a connective environment.

The receiving of the gift is as important as the making of the gift and the giving of the gift.



“A true gift never really belongs to the person who gives it. Think about a perfect gift you’ve given. When you thought of giving it to someone didn’t you first feel that’s her or that’s him? Didn’t it feel as if it was already part of the person you were giving it to, that it was just passing through you? Likewise, think about your own gifts, your talents. Any creative person knows that they don’t really own their gifts. We say that these kinds of gifts are God-given, inherent in what we are. We really didn’t do anything to deserve them. There isn’t any deal involved. The true value of gifts is unconditional. They just flow out of us.”– Larry Harvey


  • AfrikaBurn takes place in the Tankwa Karoo of South Africa’s Northern Cape Province. 2015’s event is from 27 April – 3 May.
    AfrikaBurn is a community of participants that create art, burns, costume, performance, theme camps, music, mutant vehicles and much, much more. All of this is created through volunteer culture and the glorious effect of gifting.
    The event is South Africa’s Burning Man regional. Event GPS: SOUTH:32″20.082 EAST019″44.893
    AfrikaBurn’s year-round HQ:
    178 Lower Main Road,
    Cape Town.
  • Mission
    AfrikaBurn is a participant-created movement, an experiment in inclusive community building, decommodification, creativity, self-reliance and radical self-expression. It is a chance to invent the world anew.
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    Inspiration and transformation.
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