DJ Juice

Juice DJ – “A cocktail of flavors”
Veteran Hip Hop DJ

Starting out as an MC in rap group Vice Versa in the early nineties, Juice has since become a true veteran to the culture of Hip Hop.
As a child his dream was to be one of the greatest lyrical artists, but got twisted when introduced to a set of turntables at the tender age of 13 by Andre’ Maggot (RIP).

Still doing his rapping gigs with the group, Juice decided to incorporate his turntablist battle skills into their act .In ‘94 he joined the mobile disco scene with his brother DJ Maxi called “Twice as Nice” This was the platform that Juice wanted, but it wasn’t enough. He landed his first club gig at age 16, and then pursued his DJ career in the “underground” Hip Hop world.

Juice won his first DJ battle at age 17, and in the next year went on to win 2 more.
He has 6 DJ titles including “African Battle Cry” (ABC), African Hip Hop Indaba, KFM battle of the DJ’s to name but a few. After his sound engineering studies, he released a single with Ghetto funk under Heal the hood projects (Black Noise)
Since 2002, Juice decided to try out the commercial scene, and has played in possibly every club, pub, events, wrap parties and festivals in and around Cape Town. Why a cocktail of flavors: “I used to be purely underground, since then my knowledge and taste has matured, my sets now include the best of both worlds commercial & underground with a twist of 80’s funk, Reggae/Dancehall sometimes, even bit of house…to give a tastier blend to the mix”

Along with his house freak brother (Maxi) they have successfully created Hangover Productions, and are the only DJ duo to play totally different styles of music.
Juice has stared as a DJ in 2 award winning short films along with a few TV adverts.
Beside the normal gigs, Juice Recorded 2 seasons with the show “Keeping it Real with Precious” on SABC 2, guest appearances on “Hectic nine 9” SABC 2,Luv Sport(Supersport 1) and a weekly radio show on Mutha FM. (Nick E Louder) and as guest on Goodhope FM, Bush radio and UCT radio. Above all, house party gigs are still his favorite.
DJ Juice is rated in the top 6 of the South African DMC championships 2010.
DJ Juice offers time out his he’s busy schedule to various Charity events and workshops.
Now working in the Television Industry, DJ Juice is also Resident DJ at Zula Sound Bar, with Regular slots at News Bar, Ragazzi Apperitivo Lounge and Urban Chic Hotel amongst other gigs.