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Behringer have announced their Minimoog Model D clone is now available to pre order for an astonishing $299 (Aprox R.4200).

The controversial new synth was expected to retail for more than that, with a figure expected to be somewhere between $399-$499.

Behringer’s version of the Minimoog has divided opinion since the announcement that they were going to put it into development. Behringer displayed the finished prototype of its Minimoog clone over the weekend, whilst setting up shop at Berlin’s Superbooth tech conference.

It was one of three new products displayed by the boutique synth company at the show, with the clone set to come in at a relatively affordable $399. A genuine Minimoog will set you back a whopping $3,749.

“In case of the Minimoog there is no IP (Intellectual Property) involved as the technology is more than 40 years old and all patents have long expired,” company founder Uli Behringer said last month. “As a result, the property is now in the public domain, free for everyone to use.”

Behringer also displayed their DeepMind 12 desktop and DeepMind 6 products at Superbooth — keep an eye on DJ Mag Tech for more details on these coming soon!

Uli Behringer, founder of the Germany-based company, revealed the tech giant intended to build the budget clone of Moog’s classic Minimoog Model D synth in March.

You can pre order Behringer’s Minimoog Model D clone from Sweetwater now.