Claire Danes tell Ellen even she digs Techno

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It’s not unheard of for Hollywood actors to let their hair down at clubs or VIP spots. Who doesn’t like a drink and a dance? Saying that we hardly thought Berghain would be the destination of choice…until now.

Homeland actress and big-time movie star Claire Danes went on US TV show Ellen to talk about her love for Berlin’s most infamous clubbing spot.

She starts off by saying how she got taken in through the backdoor because her friend knew the owner. Special treatment for a special name it appears. From there she proclaims that Sunday is the best time to go and the people there go “all weekend long”.

Danes is pretty spot on but Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t have a clue. First the host seems shocked that the club is open during the day but this is before she plays some awful 90s euro trance and describes it as techno. Nice one.

Good old Claire however is quick to point out that the music that was just played wasn’t “good techno music”.

Despite some spot-on descriptions from Danes of the space downstairs, Panorama Bar’s music policy and the nifty ice cream parlour, Ellen just doesn’t get it. She even quips that it’s “disgusting” people dance in there naked.

Stick to the talk shows DeGeneres, leave the dancing to us and Danes. Click the link below to check out the interview below: