The Earthdance Global Peace Party is the largest underground music and dance event for peace which is held annually since 1997.  The event features hundreds of music artists, DJs, dancers, and speakers at local Earthdance events around the world, on the same weekend, each year.

The Earthdance event is aligned with the annual international Peace Day and includes a global synchronized affirmation for Peace.

Earthdance is produced by Earthdance Global, and supports the Earthdance International non-profit organization.

Earthdance 2017 Cape Town was held at the stunning venue Nekkies, nestled beautifully in the open planes of Worcester, and set up for what can only be described as an outer body magical experience.

As this was my first time venturing to Earthdance, I had no idea what to expect. Unbeknownst to me this would become a pinnacle point in my life that would change my entire outlook towards Psy Trance and Earthdance.

Upon arriving at the gates late Friday night, I was warmly greeted by the event organizers and happy smiles all around.

In the distance, the sounds of Thundering Tech House were filling the night air as the final touches were being put into place on the main stage.

By the time I had started my 1st Broadcast, the cold night air was a thing of the past, people were flocking all around. One by one Earthdance 2017 was under way.

The Energy and vibe were amongst the most powerful I have ever witnessed in all my years in the industry.

Saturday morning welcomed us with a spectacular Sunrise and from that point on, the magic began.

10am – The Main stage fired up and came to life with thunderous Beats flowing across the entire event. This is what everybody had been waiting for.

Throughout the day and into the evening the biggest and most powerful messages were spread…

Bass, Love, Unity & Peace were the only thoughts on people’s minds. Never in my life have I ever witnessed so many people all gathered under one sky, to promote a better tomorrow.

Saturday Night and throughout Sunday morning – was unlike anything I have ever seen. Thousands of people, Creative costumes and one Dusty dance floor.

This is the real deal. As the DJs directed the crowd like a conductor in an Orchestra, The Ocean of people moved in Synchronization, Flowing to the Sounds and Bass that at the end of the day, took every single person to a better place.

My highlight was the Prayer for Peace, the only words I have to describe this was Spell Bound.

Earthdance 2017 Took me to a place that I don’t want to come back from. A place where love flows and People Unite. I left on Sunday afternoon with a new feeling of life.

Well Done to every single person who came and joined forces in making tomorrow a better place.

A huge Thank you from Myself and all the MuthaFM crew. To the Sponsors, Organizers and all who helped make this possible.

I honestly can’t wait until Earthdance 2018.

Love & Peace to all.

Eric Underhill – Mutha FM (The Rush Hour Shows 3pm-6pm every Tues,Weds,Thurs)