This is ERA.

A space where electronic music is celebrated through lifestyle.

ERA, a CBD-based club and lounge, gives party-goers the chance to dance to thumping electro tunes all night. The two-storey spot -which is a café by day- comprises an eclectic mix of veterans and new artists as part of its line-up, and boasts LED lights as well as a motion active wall that maps your dance moves and then interprets and projects them as a series of graphics and images. ERA is very focused on quality, so patrons should expect top-notch music, service and lighting. Be sure to visit to find out more about the club’s weekday music events. Do note that guys and girls must be over 23 and 21 years of age respectively to enter the club.
Opening Hours: ERA Café: Tuesday – Friday: 10am – late; ERA Nightclub: Friday and Saturday: 10pm – 4am

Caffè (Upstairs)

Welcome to the ERA Caffè. A new inner-city space where the fusion of cuisine, music and lifestyle come to life.
Innovative design combines with carefully selected sounds and rhythms to compliment the flavours of our delectable cuisine, creating a unique dining experience to entertain all the senses. Whether on-the-go between meetings, or looking for a creative spot to connect with the world, ERA Caffè is the new destination venue in the mother city.
Open Monday to Friday serving coffee, healthy, fresh juices and smoothies, with lunch between 11:00 – 16:00, Tapas & Aperitivo between 17:30 – 20:30

Club (Downstairs)

This is ERA. A space where electronic music is celebrated through lifestyle, where audio and visual focus come together, where technology meets imagination as the senses are taken on a journey designed for pure enjoyment. ERA is the platform for expression, borne out of the passion for music and the creative minds behind it. This is the space to experience the sensation that we believe comes from the dedication to the lifestyle that is electronic music.

Music policy

ERA is a space dedicated to presenting the Cape Town Electronic Music scene with the finest in electronic based musical talent. Providing an internationally recognized platform to nurture and promote South African artistic culture and music. ERA is designed to incubate upcoming talent by providing them with the technology and mentorship necessary to take their skill set to ever growing heights, through the ERA network of music enthusiasts we aim to create a sub culture of talented artists working together and supporting each other to define and even reshape the direction of Electronic music in South Africa, Africa and even the World.


Join the community at and become part of a new ERA

71 Loop Street
Cape Town, Western Cape
021 422 0202

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