Erick Morillo is back with a Subliminal re-launch

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We heard a while back that legendary NYC DJ-producer Erick Morillo was gearing up to relaunch his iconic label Subliminal, and we were delighted to know that one of house music’s longstanding pioneers was going to be back at it and giving the new generation of clubbers a sense of how it was done.

We’ve snagged the premiere of the label’s second release ‘Something For Carl Cox’, a high octane, old school techno weapon, which is due to be released on July 27.

Mixmag spoke to the producer on the imprint’s history, its revival and his little dedication to Coxy. Read the Q&A and listen to ‘Something For Carl Cox’ below.

It’s great to have Subliminal back. How do you see the label and its output differing from its first incarnation? Deeper sounds, or keeping it classic, big room house and vocal-driven?

I am very excited to be re-launching the label. I would say that as in quality output, it is very similar than when we first launched in 1997. The latter years saw Subliminal concentrating on quantity but now we are back to focusing purely on quality. The other difference is that back in those days we were focus mainly on House music but now we are focused on not only bringing House back but also releasing quality Tech-House, Techno and Deep House.

Is there anything in particular that prompted you to revive it?

Finding my passion in music again had made me realize that I wanted to get back to my roots in releasing quality music. Also as a DJ I noticed, that although there’s some really great music out there, house music has no voice. Tech-house and deep house are very well represented at the moment but house music needs a voice.

You’ve got a collab out with Harry Romero, who was a regular fixture in the old days of the label. Are we going to see some of the original cats returning to Subliminal?

Harry Romero has always been not only a friend but the person that helped me originally launch Subliminal back in 1997. Now he is on track with a Techno and Tech-House sound with Bambossa and I couldn’t be happier. Some of the producers that were part of the label will be coming back to do collaborations but we are really focusing on some of the new producers coming through as well.

Do you think the kids that are coming into the scene now need to know a bit about the history of the sounds they’re listening to?

I do believe the kids need to know the history of the sounds they are listening to and that is why we are having the old Subliminal catalog remixed by some of the big hitters. So plan on seeing remixes from Kolsch, Martinez brothers, Nic Fanciulli, Doorly and Harry Romero to name but a few.

Any interest in reviving the iconic weekly Subliminal Sessions?

I like to crawl before walking, and right now it is all about establishing Subliminal as a quality place for music. Once we have won the minds and hearts of DJs and clubbers alike we can begin to discuss Subliminal Sessions.

Tell us a little about your new track ‘Something for Carl Cox’.

It’s a record that when I was putting together, I wanted to create the vibe that I feel when I go see Carl Cox play and this is what I came up with. Enjoy.

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