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The drum ‘n’ bass legend talks about his friendship with the beloved icon

Goldie has praised David Bowie for being a “beautiful soul”.

In an article published this week by Music Week, he told of how he met Bowie at the legendary London club Blue Note, where Goldie and his label Metalheadz held a residency.

Goldie said: “He taught me the power of reinvention. He was just a beautiful soul, a brilliant, brilliant man and he always supported me. We stayed in touch and I love him dearly”.

The d’n’b idol also revealed how ‘Truth’, a single taken from his 1998 album ‘Saturnz Return’ which features Bowie, came about: “I wrote it on a five day drug binge, but I woke up with a beautiful piece of writing next to me. And he loved it. It was a beautiful record, macabre.”

Bowie’s reaction gave Goldie “hope” as his relationship with drugs and music was in a particularly turbulent period: “[Bowie] said, Where’d you get that line from, ‘sorrow hides in sculpture…’ He said Michelangelo said, If you blow the dust off the marble, the sculpture’s already inside it. It was affirmation at the peak of my drug use, I felt there was a bit of hope in music. It was the only thing that was going to save me.”

Goldie also reflected on the Andrew Goth film he and Bowie starred in, Everybody Loves Sunshine, saying it was “weird, I sat in a trailer with him for weeks while he was knitting with his suit on telling gangster stories”.

The Metalheadz boss’ new album ‘The Journey Man’ is out now.