Lucky Life – Madswimmer Ibiza Charity Swim 2017


I don’t know any charities ‘crazy’ enough to swim for hours in the Alaskan Pacific with Orcas lurking in the depths. We don’t seem to find enough people in the world ‘mad’ enough to put their lives at risk for the benefit others. But in Ibiza, we Love the Loco, and we Love to celebrate the weird, wonderful and colourful, especially when it’s for a good cause.

Lucky Life are joining forces with The MADDEST South Africans we could find, and arranging an epic swim AROUND the island of ibiza.

31 August – 3 September

4 days, 5 boats, 10 swimmers, 20 partners, 40 hours, 105km and YOU   =    Thousands of children and sea life helped, healed and loved.


How it works:

The cost of flights, food, medics, gasoline, filming and photography has been covered by the swimmer’s’ own contributions. The boats, meals, deliveries, promotion, organisation and more have all been sponsored for free by some great Ibiza brands and businesses

ALL the donations raised will go straight to the causes we are supporting!!!

70% to Guild Cottage caring for sexually abused children in SA since 1907

30% to Aquarium Cap Blanc Ibiza Marine Projects

Charities and Causes:

We’re raising money, awareness and support for two different causes. The swimmers have selected Guild Cottage Charity in Cape Town supporting and healing sexually abused South African Children since 1907.

The Lucky Life family have chosen to support the Aquarium Cap Blanc Ibiza assisting them in some of their marine life projects including regeneration of posidonia, sea turtles and sea-horses giving some love, care and attention back to the oceans and sea-life so heavily abused and abused during Ibiza Summer seasons.

More about The MadSwimmer:

“A charity involved with daring swimming challenges to raise funds for children. By risking our lives we are investing everything. If we don’t, how can we expect sponsors to invest? Facing threats might mean we’re mad but we have to be even madder not to care”. –

Founder Jean Craven.