Hosted by Adam Nicks


Lucky Life was started in May 2006 by South African born and raised Mike Parry, who believed in a dream that it was possible for us all to live our ‘Lucky Lives,’ making a living through doing only that which we love to do, fulfilling our purpose in life, in a place we love to be and amongst people we love to share life with.


However, this was not the message he was being fed from the world around him. Instead, he found himself in a world where time and energy was exchanged for money, which was later meant to bring enjoyment. Looking at those ahead of him, he saw many years dedicated to this way of life, but with not much energy left to enjoy the little money that was left at the little end of life.

So, in 2006, while working for a major London real estate company as one of their top sellers, with his first few thousand pounds saved up in the bank, he saw two possible paths in front of him.

One was to continue working, saving for another year, to be able to put a deposit down on a London apartment, and jump on the property ladder, committing to many years of employed work and tying himself to the regular payments and requirements of a London property owner on a estate agents salary. Working in real estate, this appeared a solid, strong option, and one that many of his bosses and superiors recommended and were themselves following. But it didn’t seem that fun, or flexible.

Having worked in the nightclub and entertainment scene from an early age in South Africa, he found his true passion in hosting special events, collaborating with creative performers and strong promoters, and putting on ‘experiences’ for people.

On his move to London in 2004, the first thing Mike bought for himself was a set of turntables. He learnt to DJ as he hosted house parties for his sales teams and later a growing network of friends in London. So, the second option was to book some DJ’s, get some flyers printed, rope his brother and friends into handing out flyers and arranging an event, learn how to do some basic catering, hire a cameraperson, and host a sick boat party on the London Thames.

Its moments like this, where two paths sit openly, obviously in front of us, that we choose to live our life of purpose, or a life of complacence.

He knew this would be a challenge, with no idea as to what the journey would be, or where he would might end up, but, there was a fire inside, this other path seemed to light something up inside him, and so, he went with the boat party. and so Lucky Life was born.



Lucky Life started in Ibiza with their tours alongside the Ibizan  Heat crew, and from the very first day, for some reason, felt a level of responsibility over people’s experience of Ibiza, what they did, how & where they stayed, partied, relaxed and enjoyed the island.

After 5 years of showing friends around, ensuring they had the best time, and recommending their favourite places and activities to get the most out of the island, it wasn’t long before this would turn into the next section of the business… In 2013, Lucky Life Travel ran their first trial ‘Experience’s’, looking after a range of guests including some high profile clients from around the world on week long trips, sometimes up to 30 guests, arranging everything from drivers, to accommodation, boating to nightlife entertainment, massage and holistic therapy, to tours around to the magic locations of the island.

Following on from the success of the 2013 trials, 2014 sees the new website announce Lucky Life’s Experience Section. Here’s where the brand gets to really touch their fans and followers, with a handheld travel service, custom making experience packages for guests, whether it be recommending the right boat party or beach for their requirements, or caring for their every move from the moment they land until the moment they depart.