MUTHA FM – Taking Video Streaming to the Next level


At Mutha FM we have always been proud of ourselves for being ahead of the curve and invariably had to wait for technology to catch up.

It started as South Africa’s first Internet radio station in 2002 when data was almost a myth and cost a pretty penny which thankfully over time has become viable for people to stream our radio station.

In 2010 we hooked up with some European partners who gave us the ability to video stream and was very successful for that time, but not available on the blackberry or Nokia hand sets then.

The Mutha sound and stationality came of age in more recent years with the artists and shows delivering solid music and content rich programs incorporating entertainment and lifestyle while focusing on giving our listeners / followers just what they want.

Video streaming, these days, is in no way a new thing as the boom blew up well over a year ago and people are streaming left right and center on their Facebook, Periscope and Instagram accounts and we are starting to see these popup channels on Satellite and DSTV.

We just feel, if you are going to do it… do it in style.

Mutha FM started a youtube channel recently and over the past few months have been perfecting the art of  video streaming and making sure it is entertaining with a bit of a wow factor as we are bringing in technology’s that help our viewers feel like they are in a virtual club and can interact with the DJ’s on a broadcast level via the use of  the Youtube chat room or other social media messaging platforms.

We are in no way trying to reinvent the wheel, but we do want to include the “alloys” and “low-profiles” giving a great delivery for the end product 😉

The Mutha FM  DJ’s now broadcast 25 live shows on a weekly rotation, each one of them bringing a personality and their music genre to the platform table and broadcast from different locations across South Africa and the rest of the world.


Check out our shows on and the video streamed shows with a taste of whats to come from Nick E Louder below:

(Many more to follow from all of our DJ’s)





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