Mutha FM turns 15 Years Young!

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Yes, that’s right Mutha FM has just turned fifteen this month on the 19th of November and is proud to say in 2002 we were South Africa’s first internet live streaming audio radio station and later in 2010 became the first to stream video.

Its a far cry from broadcasting in a pigeon loft at the top of district six when the first live show went out, and data was extremely expensive with only a dial up connection and a flash page as a website. Over the years it has been a very difficult journey between the bad connections, lines dropping and trying to reach a then, very small percentage of listeners.

When the station first began the music scene at that time was very much divided and DJ’s would stick to only their genre and music scene and they would only know each other by name, but never socialize or converse. Mutha FM brought these artists together for the first time and introduced a work ethic in the club scene and artists from all genres started working and socializing with one another for the greater good of the dance music industry in SA.

Mutha FM – Broadcast Team 2004

Today Mutha FM broadcasts live from all the big outdoor festivals and events with close to thirty live shows a week being broadcast from across SA and the rest of the world.

Over the past decade and a half Mutha has supported many up and coming artists showcasing them across its live streaming platform, giving them a pedestal to reach into the spotlight.

Mutha FM – Broadcast Team 2010

We would like to take this opportunity to thank every single artist that invested their time and effort to doing their part on the station and adding a piece of their heart and passion to what Mutha FM has become today:

Chris Klass, Fourie Joubert, Marius, Patrick Scott, Pam (Tune Raider), Greg (Sonic), Dave Mac, Thomas (Connecto), Mark (Nisterone), Juan Coleman (Quake), Yalena (MicroStripe), Carl (DJ Juice), Farrel Adams, Nina, Ferdinand Rabbie, Fletcher (Crush and Sorted), Mupmi (Black Mamba), Ben (OB1) Teba, Adriaan Hellenberg, El-Jon Sproat (Hyphen), Adrian Gemini, Jade, Jules SFR, Andrew (Slim), Davey Loop, Tony Finger, Byron, Gold Fish, Andre (Mo-Funk) Deniel, Hamza, Dillan M, George Daniel, Peter Abrahams,  Gizelle Loots (To the Max), Graeme, Majolla, Mark Roberts, Mel Bender, Bryce, Perry, Neville,  Levi (Slu Roy), Helene Fourie, Groovy Q, Jason Borland, Just Jess, Nick Frost, Dom, Hugo and Ricardo from Sound Language, Rohan, Sean Young, Ian Ward, Stella, Brezla, Cayleigh, Vaughn (EMP), Dave Impact, Chris (Fractal), Martin (Bones), Daimen Morrison, & Dimitri (Tone Deaf Junkies), Matt Buckingham, Oddi, Erefaan pearce, Ainan Harper, Struon (Jack Mantis), Damion, Alex (Juan Thyme), Jason 47, Kid Clever, (Daniel Swarts RIP), Dez, Julz (Killajulz), Gary Philips, Richard Marshall, , Kirst Hugo, Avrah, Art Bam, Bryan Farrow, Bradly (Frisky Fox), Craig (PsyMantis), Shaun Duvet, Ryan (Deep Fried), Johan(Frisky), Dale (Whats Up CT) Eric m, George Sax, Larry Sofer, Leroy Schneider, Mark Berger, Little Lea, Neil Kropman, Warren Lessack, Accession, Shannon Sweetman, Eric Underhill, Charl Theron, DJ Prohet 777, Darren Africa, Craig Dickie (Farpsyd) David Sanei, Dean (Dizzy), Kevin Gray, Josh (Kaos Kontrol, Brendon (B-Sub-Lime), Andrew Jensen, Bonnie Erasmus and to all the staff, technicians, producers and guests …



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