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Mutha FM South Africa’s first Internet broadcast radio station is getting a full timetable makeover to celebrate turning 15 years young this year. The station has always been ahead of the curve giving opportunities to many breakthrough artists over the years including Goldfish and GrimeHouse to name a few and is promising to have a broader spectrum of music genres catering for everyones taste.


The new line-up will be introducing new blood to the shows bouquet towards the end of June 2017 and will be bringing back some of the original shows that have helped pave the way including Dom of Sound Language, DJ Juice who has been with Mutha FM from the beginning in 2004 and Joburg legends like DJ Dizzy and Jon Jon will be back to do their own shows and of course Nick E Louder will be doing a dual stream show with a local station One FM and broadcasting on terrestrial radio on 94.0FM across Cape Town every Friday evening.


Mutha FM is setting up shows from all over the country and will have a live show stream from each one of the nine provinces conveying a better idea of the geographic layout of our music scene in SA.

We will also feature a 1 hour pod-cast section for international artists.

Confirmed show artist so far:

  • Kevin Gray
  • Dom
  • DJ Juice
  • Jon Jon
  • Nick E Louder
  • Dizzy
  • Brent Thought
  • Henk
  • Aiden
  • Cayleigh
  • Graig Dickie
  • Ricky V
  • Accession
  • Badboy Charl


The stream is still the main broadcast from the Mutha FM website with apps available on Google play and IOS app store for your mobile devices: LISTEN TO MUTHA FM

Click here to get the Mutha FM App: Android App