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The Very talented Monique Creamer aka MISS CREAMER or known to many as DJMC has joined the new breed of new age radio DJ’s on South Africa’s Premier internet radio station Mutha FM.  This year will be turning 16 years of age and has been building a Super Team of Artists, DJ-Presenters who are at the top of the genres in their chosen music.

What Mutha FM listeners can expect at 6pm on their Wednesday evenings:

Local is Lekker, so take a journey with DJ Miss Creamer through the wonderful city and surrounds of her home town, Cape Town, rich in diverse music and cultural events, and always brimming over with things to do, see and HEAR! And of course, just waiting to be showcased on her weekly feature – Let’s PLAY are the sounds of the DJ’s gathering on our not so plain, local plains just waiting to make you Dance….. so if you want a little taste of where to PLAY this weekend, Stay tuned for Let’s Play!….

When DJMC is done taking you around her Lekker “Locale”, you’ll be transported to a select Club (or 2) somewhere in the world!…. This is GLOBAL SOUNDZ – Around the World with DJMC, and it’s your ticket to the International entertainment world, where DJ’s, Producers and Musicians alike will be showcased during an intense half hour play off, spinning the sounds of those very DJ’s who will be performing live in the week and weeks coming up. It’s a little sound bite “Hors d’oeuvres”, to whet your party appetite in the International playing arena!

Next up as part of the Global Soundz Tour, be introduced to up and coming festivals happening somewhere in the World – some time soon… be it Sonar, Tomorrowland, Coachella… you name them – there are hundreds happening all over the WORLD, all year round, and DJ Miss Creamer will give you a sneak preview of the sounds coming out of these incredible events, from across the sea, to your radio waves….

Back in time with the almighty – Juke Box Bonanza, a little playful mash up between what was and what is – old school versus the old school remix! How it was and how it could be… Listen out for a randomly picked “year in time”, the chart toppers of that year, and of course, the sneaky insert of a remix of those chart toppers – the ones DJ Miss Creamer plays in her house sets, where she can tease her party people with a familiar track of yesteryear, with the progressive sound of right here, right now….

And to seal the deal, watch out for the Deep & Daring half hour mix played by DJ Miss Creamer herself, showcasing her own dishy deep beats to close off the show…

It’s worth the journey, so get your ticket to ride – only on

Check out Miss Creamers show page

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