PIONEER’S NEW HEADPHONES – The SE-Master was in development for five years and will be released next month

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Time to delve into your savings. Pioneer’s new headphones are priced at a whopping R30’000

Launching next month as a limited release, the SE-Master series took over five years to complete, with the company saying they deliver the “highest quality sound reproduction of hi-resolution sound sources”.

Made in association with Onkyo Europe, each unit, all coming with a unique serial number, was handmade in Japan, with the aluminum diaphragm finished with Parker Ceramic Coating.

Comfort-wise, you can choose from 14 different positions for the head cushion, while they feature the “industry’s first detachable lateral pressure rods,” according to the press release.

Pioneer product executive Geoff Loveday says: “In the pursuit of an enriched musical experience, we designed and engineered these headphones with a focus on technical supremacy and purity in sound and design.

“We poured our advanced technological know-how into every step of the journey – from design to production and quality control– so your headphones deliver excellence without compromise.”