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Youandewan made his Aus Music debut last year and the result was pretty damn fine.

Tracks like ‘Alright Son’ and ‘FM Jam’ are starlit beauties swimming in delicate percussion and flowing with glimmering pads, countered by the feisty ‘Tino’. He also delivered a gorgeous remix of Huxley’s ‘I Want You’.

Aus’ first release of the year comes from the Berlin-based producer in the form of the ‘Spiral Arms’ EP, with Marquis Hawkes providing a remix. 2014 was a busy one for Hawkes, releasing on Houndstooth, Crème Organization, Clone Jack For Days and Dixon Avenue Basement Jams.

His take on ‘Fool Be Cool’ steps things up a notch, sending the twangy vocal into an enchanting loop and throwing in some hefty drum kicks to ensure over six-and-a-half minutes of maximum dancefloor power.

Aus Music release the ‘Spiral Arms’ EP on January 26. Buy it here