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Simon Cowell plans to attract the “most edgy” artists to his Ultimate DJ show, according to co-producer Patrick Moxey.

Moxey, boss of Ultra Music is a co-producer of the show and he revealed some of Cowell’s plans during a talk at the International Music Summit in Ibiza yesterday.

“In his own way, [Cowell] is an incredibly creative man. When it comes to the show, he wants it to be respectful of the space and he wants us to have the most edgy and the best artists.

“It’s the same way you would approach trying to have great singers, we’re going to have great electronic artists involved in the show.”

Yahoo, a partner for the not-so-popular X Factor for DJs, confirmed it was going ahead last month, claiming it’d be the “World Cup of EDM”, and it’s now been announced it’ll come to life in spring next year.

We’ll see about the “most edgy artists” part…

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Simon Cowell’s dreaded American DJ competition show has shockingly been given a home. If you’re not already clued up on the soon-to-launch Ultimate DJ, produced by the smarmy music mogul, it’s basically going to be the X-Factor for DJs.

Apparently Yahoo’s set to premiere the programme on its online streaming platform Yahoo Screen, which will also see other daily streams from Live Nation music events airing on the platform. Put together with US events company SFX Entertainment, sources close to Yahoo are saying it’ll air weekly and mix pre-recorded elements with live performances, while they reckon Tumblr will be the place to vote.

The concept hasn’t gone down too well with Fatboy Slim, who turned down a chance to be a judge on the show in 2013 and apparently said “fuck off” to the “terrible idea” when approached about it. Nice one, Norm.

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It was on, then it was off, and now it’s most certainly on. Simon Cowell’s Ultimate DJ has officially been announced.

X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent aren’t exactly swarming with genuine, top-level talent nowadays so it’s no surprise the high-waisted music mogul’s prying into the dance music world to fill up that piggy bank of his.

We knew the Syco Entertainment creation was coming soon and the show’s partner, Yahoo, yesterday announced it would be teaming up with Ultra Records. Cowell also said it’d be directed by Hamish Hamilton, the man behind Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime show in 2013.

Yahoo’s chief marketing officer Kathy Savitt has even compared it to the world’s biggest sporting spectacle.

“Ultimate DJ will be very much like the World Cup of EDM – country against country, DJ against DJ, fanbase against fanbase. And with all the voting happening on Tumblr, it’s yet another example of the growing convergence and synergies we are finding between the two platforms.”

With a Sony Music record deal up for grabs, entrants will take part in a number of online production tasks before live challenges and performances.

Not everything went to plan, though. Fatboy Slim turned down a chance to be a judge, saying dance music’s “not something that can be scripted”, while the Gorgon City boys called it a “bad thing”.

To be fair to Cowell, he did say the show would be “made with respect” on Twitter. We’ll see about that, Si.

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UK music mogul Simon Cowell is continuing to build his ‘talent’ empire with a new competition called ‘Ultimate DJ’.

The idea first emerged back in 2012, although there was some uncertainty about whether it would go ahead, but it’s now been confirmed the concept is set to launch.

It will be the brainchild of Cowell’s Syco Entertainment, dance music empire SFX Entertainment and T-Mobile.

Taking a different format to Cowell’s other shows such as X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, Ultimate DJ will initially launch online with contestants asked to submit “productions” for fan voting via social media. It will then move on to live performances and challenges, set to take place in venues under the ownership of SFX, which is helmed by roving entrepreneur Robert Sillerman.

In a press release, Cowell said: “We have been developing this concept for a while but our partnership with SFX has been a real game-changer for this format. It made complete sense for us to collaborate with SFX with their access to the best up-and-coming DJs and their great marketing platform to build new DJ talent.”

It’s not the first time TV and dance music will be crossing paths, with Calvin Harris, Will Smith, Jay Z and writer Irvine Welsh teaming up for a comedy EDM show on HBO.

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