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Cocoon Recordings boss and one of the indisputable forefathers of techno Sven Väth has announced the release of his 18th annual mix compilation, titled ‘The Sound of the 18th Season’.

Where do you start with Sven Väth?

We think that; Baba, Baba. Mmhm, Mmhm. Aha, Aha, is a good place to start.

In 1986, those little noises at the beginning of ‘Electrica Salsa’ marked the start of something very special. Not only special for the man who uttered them, but special for the world of electronic music, for it was the beginning of one of the most illustrious careers that dance music has ever seen. If there’s one man that embodies everything good about dance music it’s Sven Väth.

The German powerhouse has been active for over 30 years and in that time he’s paved the way for countless musicians and selectors to come through and make a name for themselves. He’s the man behind Cocoon, one of the best record labels, parties and club brands in the world. Now in it’s 17th season in Ibiza, Cocoon is the jewell in Amnesia’s crown. He’s been the king of that terrace since he started playing there and although the times have changed, his dedication to the craft has remained the same. You’ll always catch him playing on vinyl, often waving the records above his head with a cheeky smile on his face all the while.

But Cocoon itself has been operating for 20 years and in this month’s issue we documented the brand’s rise over the last two decades. Speaking about Sven and Cocoon, longtime friend and collaborator Luciano offered up a pretty accurate description of proceedings;

“It’s about music. It’s about Sven, it’s about sharing, it’s about love, it’s about the experience, it’s about a musical genre and a musical philosophy.”

We’ll never forget our experience at his 50th birthday at TimeWarp in Mannheim, quite easily one of the best events we’ve had the pleasure of attending and one that sums up what Luciano was saying.

With an all-star line-up that he was part of and one that included DJ Koze and Chaos partner Richie Hawtin, Väth turned in two, three hour sets, both of which spanned side-winding techno, intricate house and all-out classics. To describe the affair as life-changing would be about right, and everyone who attended would probably agree.

The extensive two-disc release features 26-tracks that aim to celebrate the sounds of Cocoon’s weekly party in Ibiza over the summer. Unsurprisingly, the compilation includes original music from some of the most revered names in electronic music, including John Tejada, KiNK, For Romeau, Barnt, Gieser, Inigo Kennedy and many more.

‘The Sound of the 18th Season’ lands on Cocoon Recordings on November 17. Check out the tracklist below.

Disc 1
01. Willow – Workshop 23 (A1)
02. Eduardo De La Calle – The Horus Eye
03. Basti Grub – False
04. Eddie Fowlkes – Twisted Boy feat. Na Dee (Detroit Wax)
05. Fort Romeau – Reasons
06. Villa H2H – Conspiracy Two
07. John Tejada – Blitzar
08. DJ Slyngshot – Hygh-Tech
10. Isolee – Pisco
11. KiNK – Neutrino
12. Adam Port Stereo MCs – Changes (Adam Port Remix)

Disc 2
01. &Me – Avalon
02. Patrice Baumel – Glutes
03. Fideles – The Border
04. Gaiser – On The Way
05. Aubrey – Clock Funk
06. Slam – Clap Your Hands
07. Electric Rescue – Forwer
08. ROD – Hor
09. Secret Cinema & Egbert – Maximaal
10. Peder Mannerfelt & Hodge – All My Love
11. Rico Puestel – Carave
12. Barnt – If She Says She Is A Healer, She Is A Healer
13. Inigo Kennedy – Voyager
14. Paul Nazca – Memory

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