TIMESLOT:  Tuesday 9pm till 12am Time – ((( LIVE FROM THE FREE STATE )))

W.T.F.F is Mutha FM’s Bass music show and focuses  and whats happening on that side of the Industry. locally and Internationally.

Reggae/ Hip Hop/ Funk/ Breaks/ Drum & Bass/ Ghetto Funk/ Booty Bass and more… (if we like it we will play it)


Collectively known as “W.T.F.F”, these two brothers, Disko D (aka Deon du Toit) and The Boogieman (aka Farrell Adams)

Show Features: 

  • The W.T.F.F Show Intro
  • Boogie in Thirty
  • Back to the Roots
  • Freshly Sprouted
  • Shining Disko Bass
  • Bietjie Kak Praat
DJ Biogs below:


The Boogieman aka (Farrell Adams) 

Having been the front man of a band called “Nine” in the mid-nineties, and later “The Firing Squad” and “Golliwog”, has allowed Farrell to utilise his performance skills during his Boogieman sets.

If you don’t look like you’re digging your own tunes when you’re playing, how can you expect other people to dig it?” says Adams. “It’s all about the energy you put out that infects your dance floor.”

Having been involved in a passionate love affair with music since his first breath, he is a consummate collector and self-proclaimed musicologist. Dj’ing has provided him with the perfect platform to indulge both his love for music, and for making people dance.

With roots deeply entrenched in funk and soul and jazz, he is constantly exploring and discovering newer and exciting versions of these genres, taking his audience to new levels of entertainment. A musical schizophrenic, his sets are a journey, full of surprises. Anything can happen, so an open mind is a recommended accessory.

He seamlessly transcends genres without regard for the age of the tune.

A good tune is a good tune regardless of how old, or how well known it is. Old skool, nu skool…f*#k skool! School’s out!” The only valid criterion is that it makes people dance and that it’s honest.

He has toured extensively playing numerous clubs and festivals that has allowed him to hone his technical skills and his ability to read his audience, providing the right flavour for the circumstances.

It was while touring, that he found himself playing in Bloemfontein, at a club called “Die Mystic Boer”. It was here in the mid nought-ies that he made the acquaintance of his accomplice, “Disko D”.

Their love of electronic dance music was the basis for their alliance. When Disko move to Boogie’s home town of Cape Town, the alliance was strengthened when he asked Boogie to remix a tune which was the theme for the Cape Town Cannabis March, at which they both performed to approximately 50 000 people and which he helped co-ordinate.

Disko D (aka Dion du Toit)

Hailing from Ficksburg, it was while studying in Bloemfontein that he discovered and fell in love with break beats, or breaks, for those more personally acquainted with the genre. A romance that would change the course of his life.

It was on the dance floor of “Die Mystic” that he cut his teeth. A residency there led to him promoting events, and eventually leading to a stint in Jozi where he made connections that would lead to him promoting high profile events, and later to leave the borders of his homeland and ply his trade on foreign soil.

Deon in his career has been very instrumental as partner to many Global events and has hosted and toured on several occasions with Top Rankings DJ’s from all over the world, plus being a prominent figure in high profile events across South Africa. He Designed Events ranging from Corporate to Pvt and Festival. Day to Day Marketing and Management of planned events production. Instrumental in Managing and Marketing two very Successful Brands, SoundFactory/ Big Bash. These Events took Place every Last Saturday of the month, hosting 10 top Dj’s and an International every 3rd Month, events had a solid following for 1200 – 2000 for the Regular Saturday event, and up too 3500 patrons I had through my Door hosting the Internationals. One Name to Mention that’s been on one of my Flyers is Judge Jules (BBC Radio 1 UK). Through the period of January 2009 and October 2009 we maintained and designed over 200 events with branding more than 75% of the events with the SoundFactory Logo. With a very Hands on Approach to all my events, and a gorilla marketing approach, we indeed had the right recipe guaranteeing the success of the brand and its name. (More media reference can be supplied if felt necessary)

Relaunched Carling Black Label with SAB in October 2009 under the Big Bash Brand, touring 10 of SA Top Artists to 10 University Destinations in the Month of October 2009, the Events where called Carling Black Label Big Bash Festival. Traveling in my Own Vehicle over 13 000km and handing out over 150 000 flyers, ensure the event a great success with over 12 000 patrons through the 10 venues doors.



Produced and presented Dance Diaries show on Mklive every Friday evening, live from the Mklive Studios in Randburg, introducing international and national artists we were Hosting for our Events planned (below is the link to the very first live show with myself and International producer Chris Rossi from Scotland):


Approached by several institutions across South Africa to host or set up events for them, e.g. PACOFS and SoulCandi:



Managed my own DJ School called Diskotek Music Institute. I focussed on teaching the underprivileged and even succeeded in securing a record contract for one of my students. • I was also approached by USAID and together we set up a community centre in Maputo, Lesotho, teaching the community and youth how to grow and maintain organic gardens, as well as basic sound engineering.

Big, phat dirty, bouncy breaks is Disko D’s forte, delivered with great dexterity and a dangerously high levels of energy. It’s contagious and, if you’re not, at least, nodding your head by tune two, then you probably reside under six feet of dirt, and no longer have pulse.

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