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It’s been 33 years since the TR-909 Rhythm Composer was released by Roland and a celebration of the techno favourite will be held next month. Not just that, Roland AIRA has revealed a new bunch of instruments will be unveiled, too.

As the event is called the 909 Celebration, some sort of TR-909 remake could well be among the new gear to be announced via a 24-hour live stream on September 9. As a Facebook post reads, the release of “new and inspiring electronic instruments” is to be expected.

Frankie Knuckles, Jeff Mills, The Prodigy and Daft Punk are known to have used the TR-909 drum machine in their time, but it’s not officially been on the market since being discontinued in 1985.

Roland’s AIRA range already contains the TR-8 Rhythm Performer, the TB-3 Touch Bassline, the System-500 analogue synth and more.

Via: Mixmag

Read more information here and watch the 909 Celebration video below.