REVIEW: ULTRA Cape Town 2018


#UMFSA2018 – Cape Town  9th Feb 2018

Cape Town Scene Loving the sounds of ULTRA 😀

The Mutha FM – Media Crew: DJ BadBoy Charl Theron, DJ Eric Underhill & new recruit Sylo Aaron-Storm Springer, aka Sylo Storm (myself), had the fantastic opportunity as a Mutha FM Media Partner for UMFSA2018 in Cape Town.

Good Day To All!

On Friday the 9th of February, Cape Town Stadium hosted the globally renown & highly respected music festival, Ultra Music Festival South Africa 2018. An internationally loved & enjoyed by all musical adventure, digitally infatuating the foremost senses in admiration to its collaboration of bringing, those that have attended this event, a professional & well organised experience.


MAIN STAGE ft Headliners such as Hardwell, Armin van Buuren and AfroJack. Playing some brilliant sets and leaving an unforgettable footprint in South Africans hearts & minds, firmly establishing their love for us and boy did they show us! Dean Fuel, Sketchy Bongo, Timo ODV, Carnage & Malaa also ft on the main stage and one of my personal favorites on the night was the closing set, Axwell ^ Ingrosso.

Below : Armin Van Bruuren, AfroJack and Carnage


The sound and lighting were immaculate and incredibly amazing, I could feel it in my bones from the other side of the stadium. Lasers, pyrotechnics & smoke cannons which blasted into the air like dragons lived under the stage along with those fantastic fireworks, my word hey, this was definitely an amazing experience and thinking back on it now, probably the best live performances and experiences I’ve ever had in my life. The spirit at this festival was magically uplifting, in combination with the personal interaction we had with these celebrities and their down to earth and very cool attitudes wrapped in such kicking style, we were transported to a world that we can all relate to and the entire world will most definitely be attending a well collaborated & formidable force in the EDM industry.

Well organised with teams of well inspired & hardworking individuals, put together so well that I can’t see any way or any how anyone wouldn’t have enjoyed their time spent experiencing what the UMF movement have to offer. Basically, we became a part of them & they became a part of us!

ULTRA main Floor

Armin’s Pyrotechnics during his set

Scenes from the back of the ULTRA Main arena going off!

Bringing everyone together and literally dancing in celebration as one, which is basically the Mutha FM Media Lifestyle Platform anthem, I’m proud to say that our styling Mutha FM Media Crew were honoured to be a part of the UMF movement that has been flowing and growing well for the past 20 years and graciously have brought us onboard to cover this event to show everyone exactly whats up!

Armin dropping his big tracks and waving the SA flag

The RESISTANCE floor hosted artists such as Sonic Bloom & Venture B2b, Thor Rixon Live, Kanan K7 and Strange Loving as well as Black Coffee and DubFire. Themba opened that floor up at around midday and basically set the sparks off for the rest of the artists to light up that fire for the rest of the afternoon into the night as the entire level was basically flooded with dancing feet and jumping bodies, absolutely loving it. Catch up with us as we bring you live broadcasting, news, reviews as well as events and musical information from around the world.



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More videos and footage coming soon… Watch this blog space!

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