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You have gotta to having  a laugh,  yes believe it or not in January, Kingsbridge revealed tentative plans to turn the redundant red phone box in its town into the ‘world’s smallest nightclub’ as a tourist attraction.

Plans are now revealed to be going ahead, marking a new lease of life for the 5,000th adopted telephone box in BT’s Adopt A Kiosk programme.

In recognition of the milestone, BT is paying for a music system, disco ball and lighting to be installed to complete the transformation.

A dial-a-disc-type system will be implemented, allowing punters to step inside a pay £1 to listen to tracks such as Blondie’s ‘Hanging On The Telephone’ and Electric Light Orchestra’s ‘Telephone Line’. All proceeds will be donated to local charity @115 which helps adults with learning difficulties.

With a capacity of one, or two at a squeeze, the Kingsbridge phone box looks set to take the Guiness World Record for ‘world’s smallest club’ crown from current holder Rotherham’s mobile disco Club 28, which has a capacity of 6 dancers and one DJ. However, with a limited track selection, space and lack of DJ, we don’t expect it to pick up any other club awards.

Councillor Chris Povey, of Kingsbridge Town Council, said: “This red phone box is an important part of Kingsbridge’s heritage and we were determined to keep it, but we also wanted to do something different with it – something really eye catching so we came up with making it the world’s smallest nightclub. Very importantly, it will also help raise funds for a Kingsbridge charity, which provides a vital service for the local community.”

Katherine Bradley, commercial and operations manager for BT Payphones, said: “Congratulations to the people of Kingsbridge for coming up with such an unusual and clever idea. The 5,000th adoption is a perfect example of the sort of creativity shown by communities wanting to find a new lease of life for many traditional red phone boxes.”

Check out some photos of the ‘club’ below, pure provincial cheese!