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Zedd Gives A Stunning Live Performance Of 'Beautiful Now' On Jimmy Kimmel Live

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This past week, Zedd released his sophomore album True Colors and the music world reacted. The purists of the EDM community had a lot to say about the album, giving it a hefty share of mixed reviews stating that he didn’t exactly capture that signature "Zedd" sound from the album Clarity. However, there are still some songs on True Colors that display a sense Anton wanted to grasp the same energetic and uplifting feelings that his first album did.

'Beautiful Now' is one of those tracks. Zedd did not hold back when he debuted the song live for the first time on Jimmy Kimmel last Thursday. He brought along the incredibly talented guitarist from the band Incubus, Michael Einziger, along with his brother, Arkadi Zaslavski, and of course Jon Bellion to perform the song with him. The live aspect of all four talents coming together and playing this song out truly gives it a unique feel.

Watch the full live video below!

Gino Molinaro

Gino Molinaro
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