WIN Double Tickets – ZODIAC – 7th April 2018 (((LIVE BROADCAST))) in Fractals’s set on Mutha FM


Mutha FM is giving away a set of double tickets to the ZODIAC Event on the 7th April 2018 to a lucky stomper 😀


1. Go to the facebook event page and click attending the – ZODIAC Event

2. Get 4 of your friends and yourself to Subscribe on the – Mutha FM website via the – Homepage   (third from the top right).

3. Like the MuthaFM Facebook page – Mutha FM and tag the people that will be going with you in the comments (the more the merrier).

Tuenin to find out who is the WINNER, they will be chosen at random and notified on Fractal’s Thursday Throwdown show on the 5th of April 2018… Good Luck!


The Event:

Zodiac is a new series of events focusing on the influences and empowerment of the stars and Mutha FM

will be ((( Broadcasting Live ))) our very own DJ Fractal !

Zodiac – 7th April 2018 Reset.

The Commercial Hippies (LIVE) ; Glitch (LIVE) ;
Final Flash (LIVE) ; Plusminus (DJ) ; SiLo (DJ) ;
Singularity Music (DJ) ; Fractal (DJ) ; JaXson (DJ)

Zodiac is a new series of events focusing on the influences and empowerment of the stars. We have carefully curated line-ups to represent the best Zodicians the cosmos has to offer. Through this we hope to create a powerful musical journey never yet seen before. Our main focus is not just creating events; we want to establish a community of like-mindedness, where the freedom of expression through our love for music and dance is an outlet for an awareness of self, and with it, achieve unity as a collective in a loving, respectful environment.

All our Zodicians bring a unique skill set and personality across; combined, it’s a starry-eyed journey into the depths of our consciousness, drawing on the elements of pioneering, trailblazing, independence, passion, ambition and courage for the month of April.

“When you know yourself, you’re empowered. When you accept yourself, you’re invincible.”

************ ZODICIANS ************
The Commercial Hippies (Nano Records)
Glitch (One Foot Groove)
FinalFlash (Dropland Recordings)

Plusminus (Organik)
Fractal (MindCultivation Records)
Silo (Nano Records)
Militant (Zodiac)
Jaxson (Zodiac)

As one of our primary visions for Zodiac, we want it to be an affordable experience for all, and would love to invite everyone who celebrates their birthday in the month or period of any of our events (Aries / April for this event), to gain free entry, however, as the venue has a limited capacity, we have decided that the first 100 people to like and share in our vision for each event, will gain entry through a birthday guest list.

************ VENUE ***********

Hosted at the incredible Reset. venue with Funktion One audio; Intelligent lighting; Mind-blowing decor & Visual projections; Crazy drink specials; and a professional staff compliment with impeccable service, where everyone gets the VIP treatment!

************ TICKETS ************

R60 before 22:00pm | R80 after

************ LINE – UP TIMES ************


************ MORE INFO ************

The Commercial Hippies (Nano Records)

Glitch (One Foot Groove)

FinalFlash (Dropland Recordings)

Plusminus (Organik)

Fractal (MindCultivation Records)


Silo (Nano Records)

Militant (Zodiac)

JaXson (Zodiac)

************ Contact Info ************


************ GOLDEN RULES ************

Report any suspicious behavior immediately to security officials, they are there to create a safe environment for you and fellow patrons.

Do not under any circumstances leave any valuables or drinks unattended, and do not accept drinks in open containers or glasses. For safekeeping of any of your valuables, the venue has a safe place for storage. No caps are allowed, just a heads up! 

STRICTLY: No Under 18’s (ID upon request), illegal substances or weapons. Right of admission reserved. Participation in the event is entirely at own risk. The organizers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles or belongings, even in the case of negligence. Due care has been taken to make this event safe and secure.