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Kevin Gray

I am from the UK. I started djing about one year after the acid house explosion in England.

Going to the early illegal acid house warehouse raves in 1988 ‘the summer of love’ in and around the vicinity of the M25 around London cemented my love affair with the developing global house music phenomena.

I got really interested in music early on in my life when living in Iran in the 70’s my school bus driver tuned into the Wolfman Jack show from America and every day I used to listen in rapt attention to the likes of Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Jackson Five, Chicago, Carly Simon, Bob Dylan, Crosby Stills & Nash, all the cool stuff from the era.

At home, the music was either classical or Engelbert Humperdinck not much cop for an 11-year-old! But on my school bus, I was awoken to the fact that there might be something in this thing they call music!

My parents moved to Borneo, where during school holidays there was a massive influx of teenagers from the ex-pat community…and there were loads of parties and when I had mine I used to hook up four speakers in the parking area of my parents house, cue up all my cassette tapes, reel to reel, and records, flicking the input selector in lieu of the mixer and play live.

So when the late eighties took off in London and the birth of the DJ era proper came about it was a natural progression for me to get two decks a mixer and get involved.
I used to practically live in Zoom Records in Camden and then Black Market in Soho and I photographed for Muzik, Djmag, Touch, Wax and a few other DJ magazines so my access to music, DJs, and parties was really comprehensive and forefront.
Since then I’ve played in commercial clubs such as the Ministry of Sound, and The End, for Sony PlayStation, Labatts larger and also the Tribal Gathering festival in Luton, but mainly playing the underground scene of London.
I went to Cape Town South Africa in ‘94 and played regularly there for over 2 decades.
My residencies included:- Pimp, Life, Voyage, Funktion, Spyce, More, O Bar, Deep Heet.

In 1999 I had a residency at the Box Office in Lyon, France playing every three months.

Back in 2010, I opened a hidden away underground house club in the busy part of Cape Town called LLMoog. It was a club with a red door half way down an unlit grotty alleyway coming from the street through two banged up nondescript solid black metal gates, no signage just a street number which I distressed with a hammer, I didn’t want any passing trade just an organic crowd of regulars. I chucked in a bigger than necessary sound system a couple of lights and off we went. The “chucking-out” time according to the regulations was 2 am but as no one could see or hear us we regularly turned off just before breakfast! Happy days!
I usually play deep house/tech but I’m also interested in minimal and a smattering of techno mainly because I can really get into my mixing, layering tracks and melodies employing rapid non-stop mixing or cut mixing using elements from the former track to enhance the following, turn it into a modern symphony if you like. I’m not into using filters or effects at all unless you can achieve an effect naturally using two or more tracks; I just like the simple method of blending two great tracks together to achieve a small part of a whole.
My childhood influences of music filter through to the music I play today, most of my tracks I play have a funk-soul or disco element to them.

I now live in the UK.


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