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The plug-in is the perfect tool to slice and dice samples Stutter Edit 2 is a brand new plug-in from the mind of BT, in collaboration with iZotope. The plug-in is the perfect tool to slice and dice samples, tracks and mixes, giving the opportunity to give everything that sweet-sounding ‘stutter’ effect. The software is equipped with new
Vanilla Ice cancelled his Fourth of July celebrating concert at a venue in Austin, Texas,  the passed weekend. This didn’t seem wise, as Texas is currently in the midst of a COVID-19 spike. A record daily high of 8,076 cases was recently announced, an forecasts from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) predict nearly 2,000 new
This game lets you build, design and run your own club A new game called Disco Simulator lets you design, build and run your own nightclub, including lighting, DJ booths, bar and chill area and the toilets. Once your club is up and running you can dictate who gets in based on traits like aggressiveness,
Jeff Mills, Eddie Fowlkes and poet Jessica Care Moore collaborate on their new project The Beneficiaries. The resulting release, ‘The Crystal City Is Alive’, will be released on July 24 via Mills’ own imprint Axis Records. The intention behind the project was to encourage collaboration between different strands of the Detroit artistic community. Detroit has been the crucible for


1 AUDEZE LCD-1 Audeze’s flagship LCD-4s will set you back nearly four grand but their more reasonably priced LCD-1s have been a hit with pros. Reveal software maps your ear and contains mappings for several famous studios so you can mimic the listening position of an iconic studio control room. £399, (Aprox  R7980.00) 2 AKG
See inside Alan Fitzpatrick’s studio “When I made ‘The Approach’ I was keen to use some analogue lead sounds. This process inspired me to dig a little deeper into some of the synths we use and to find that big, heavy-hitting lead that dominates the track. Reset Robot and I have been locked away in secret at
John Digweed has just released his latest mix epic ‘Quattro’, which spans 45 tracks and four moods including ‘Soundscape’, ‘Tempo’, ‘Redux’ and ‘Juxtaposition’. His dedicated fanbase have lapped it up – the vinyl and CD editions are onto their second pressing have only released several weeks ago. Digweed should be touring ‘Quattro’ right now but
The machine from allows for greater creative expression in live performance and DJing Timetosser is a new music machine developed by that allows you to transform live and DJ sets with greater levels of creative freedom. The impressive piece of kit was developed with the aim of merging live performance and DJing. It’s easy to integrate