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It’s the most wonderful time of the year – whether you’re treating yourself or looking for the perfect gift for someone else, we’ve got you covered, this is the ultimate gift guide for DJs and producers. Dig in.  (All prices are in UK Pounds, approximately  X 18 to the Rand) Evermix 2 | £75 The Evermix
Giants of club culture, The Prodigy are rave survivors who retain that crazed energy in concert and on record. With the exception of their 1992 debut, every one of their six albums has topped the UK charts. Their seventh, ‘No Tourists’, arrived this year and did the same. The band is fronted by vocalists/dancers/hype-men Keith Flint and Maxim
When I grew up in London in the 90’s this man was who I use to tune into to on KISS FM, and I got the chance to watch him a couple of times while I was cutting my teeth in the UK clubland. I was very said when I heard about the passing of Paul
Acid is a key part of your sound. Can you tell us about the various machines you’ve used to create those basslines? ‘Higher State…’ used two original, non-modified 303s. We’ve heard that online forums have debated for years what was used on that track – either a 202 or a 303. For the record, again, it’s
Writer Irvine Welsh, best known for his 1993 novel Trainspotting, has announced that he wants to release an acid house album. While on a promotional book tour for his twelfth novel, Dead Men’s Trousers, Welsh revealed his plans and even showcased some tracks for his audiences. Describing the album as a “counterblast” to the current music scene, he
With over 70 years of experience designing turntables and other hi-fi electronic products, the Swiss engineering company Lenco has successfully created the world’s first 3D printed record player, The Lenco-MD. Modular and made-up of mostly renewable resources, the Lenco-MD was first presented at IFA Berlin 2018 – a consumer electronics fair where the design was ranked as top three
Carl Cox is a man who knows his disco. Despite making his name playing techno over the last three decades, the legendary selector has always had a penchant for ‘70s sounds, spinning disco, funk and soul sets annually at Burning Man and even famously jamming out a live Stevie Wonder cover in Ibiza. Last Saturday (17th November) Coxy


Yes, that’s right Mutha FM has just turned sweet sixteen (16) this month on the 19th of November and is proud to say in 2002 we were South Africa’s first internet live streaming audio radio station and later in 2010 became the first to stream video who would have know we would evolved into a