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New Order has announced that a new live album recorded at the Manchester International Festival in 2017 is arriving on July 12 via Mute. Titled ‘∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes..’, the 18-track album includes the full show recording along with three additional tracks recorded over the band’s five-night residency at the festival.
The Virgil Abloh and Pioneer DJ collab will “inspire a different sound while DJing” Multi-faceted artist Virgil Abloh has designed his own CDJ and mixer in collaboration with Pioneer DJ that will be displayed at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art. The transparent CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2 were first revealed on Abloh’s Instagram and later debuted at his Coachella DJ set.


There’s something about playing Roland’s classic SH-101 that just feels different. In its enduring mission to deny fans what they really want, Roland brought out its own remake in 2017, the digital SH01A, which – to be fair to the Japanese company – was praised for its faithfulness to the original’s sound. ‘But it’s not analogue!’
For centuries bees, busy as they are known to be, have benefited people, plants and the planet. But did you know that bees are not the only ones that sustain life on earth? By carrying pollen from one flower to another, bees, butterflies, birds, bats and other pollinators facilitate and improve food production, thus contributing
Beatport has announced a new and handy subscription service called Beatport LINK that allows DJs to stream the music platform’s extensive catalog (over seven million tracks) directly into performance software. Beatport LINK is currently in its beta version and the company has released, alongside it, the beta of Beatport CLOUD – a service that offers Beatport’s loyal customers full track
CRO© (previously known as D.A.R.T.) was founded by Cheryl-Lyn Potgieter in 2015 For the love of animals CRO, previously known as D.A.R.T., was founded by Cheryl-Lyn Potgieter in 2015. After years of working tirelessly inside and outside of our community and informal settlements, combating animal neglect and abuse, Cheryl-Lyn has at last received her
A pick of defining AFX sets, from DJ tributes to headline festival slots Richard D James, AKA Aphex Twin, has played records to audiences for a long time. But he’s such an iconoclast his sets feel like events. This is underlined by the fact that most take place at festivals, such as this year’s Coachella, on whose poster Aphex Twin
Rising from State of Emergency celebrations, OneForce is powering The Gambia’s revolutionary party scene The Gambia, the smallest country in the whole of Africa, on the far west of the continent, sits inside Senegal, wrapped around the Gambia River like the sheath of a sword. Known for its endless, deserted tropical beaches fringed by palm