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Over the past few years we have seen a resurgence in the much loved Rave Scene on a world wide scale with events popping up and the legendary DJ’s and Producers performing at events such as Luminosity and Club Unity locally in S.A. The music cycle has now gone full circle and the energy of the
Its no secret that Rave Culture is making a big come back on a Global scale and with it all the fads and fashions… There it is, on the guy with the white sunscreen nose and free trucker hat, right under his pudgy dad belly and tightly-tucked t-shirt that reads “I MickeyEars Florida.” This tourist’s

20 Reasons to Love Spring in South Africa

Now that the warmer weather is taking hold of our beautiful country, and providing bright colourful hues across the landscape, we thought to share our top 20 reasons for absolutely loving spring! A wonderful season full of light, colour and new life – what’s not to love? 1. Wildlife Spring is known as the season of
Goldie opens up in a new interview with the Guardian Goldie has admitted that his new-found celebrity status in the ’90s “troubled me incessantly”. In an interview with the Guardian, Goldie speaks of his second album ‘Saturnz Return’ in celebration of its 21st anniversary and reissue. The interview sees Goldie speak of the uncertainty of label executives and music


It’s been five months since the passing of band member Keith Flint The Prodigy have shared a photo saying they are back in the studio. It’s the first time they’re working on music since the passing of band member Keith Flint, as stated in a Facebook photo post showing Liam Howlett using some equipment. The post read: “Back in


Free yourself from the screen and jam out with this hands-on kit instead 1 TORAIZ SQUID A 16-track sequencer which can manipulate sequences on the fly, with connectivity for midi, CV/gate and din/sync devices. With lots of features, it blows the cheaper Beatstep Pro out of the water but there’s no Song Mode, only Pattern
Mutha FM have teamed up with Ibiza Sonica Radio for a weekly 1 hour Stream DJ Set  live from B4 Beach Club Zanzia Bar.  DJ Aracil Hosting fresh DJs breaking into the global scene from across Europe and the rest of the World, we kicked off with Daniel Dreier and this week its DJ Aracil
Explore a 40 foot tall head with 18 unique rooms focusing on mental health Burning Man isn’t just fun and games, and anyone who suggests otherwise is either full of bologna or selling something. It’s an extreme place on all counts, pairing the blissful with the bastardized, and all too often the hardships are discounted